Bhatura/Chole Bhature Recipe

Bhatura is a favorite recipe of Punjabi’s and a perfect Delhi street food is mainly eaten in breakfast. It is a deep-fried fluffy bread.

If you like to have a cheat meal it can be on your list. And for the ones who like to have tasty, flavor-rich foods this is the recipe for you. You will get the same bhatura in your home as you eat or see in streets.

Ingredients for Bhatura –

Maida/all purpose flour – 400gms

Sugar – 1 Tsp

Salt – ¾ tsp

Curd – 100gms or ½ cup

Baking Powder – 1 Tsp

Semolina/sooji/Rawa – 100gms or ½ cup

Refined Oil

Lukewarm water

Knead dough for Bhatura –

  1. In a large mixing bowl, take maida, sooji, salt, sugar, and baking powder. It’s better to use your hands for this recipe so make sure you wash your hands. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  2. Add 2 tbsp oil and curd. Mix all the ingredients well before adding lukewarm water since curd also has water.
  3. After mixing, now add lukewarm water in small amounts. It safe to take water by measuring with your hands.
  4. Knead the dough. If the dough is still stiff add little more water. Knead it well.
  5. Keep the dough in a bowl with lid. Wet your palm with lukewarm water and gently pat on the dough.
  6. Cover and keep it in a warm place for 2-3 hours.


How to make Bhatura –

  1. Heat the oil for frying in kadai.
  2. Make small smooth balls.
  3. Put a ball on rolling board, put 2-3 drops of oil on it. Gently press and distribute the oil on both the sides and roll it with the help of rolling pin.
  4. After rolling 2-3 times don’t lift the rolled dough. Rotate the rolling board and roll it into a thin flat disc of your desired shape.
  5. Slowly leave the rolled bread in oil and press it gently with a ladle so that bhatura rises. Turn the bhatura and fry till it turns in golden color on both sides.
  6. Remove the bhatura from oil and tilt it on one side of the kadai so that excess oil is removed.
  7. Place a tissue paper or newspaper and keep the bhatura on it.
  8. Repeat the same steps to make remaining bhaturas.

Your bhatura is ready. Serve it hot with chola, chana masala.

This quantity will be sufficient for 4-5 people.

Suggestions & Tips –

  1. It’s best to keep your dough under the bright sun for 2 hrs.
  2. You must be thinking bhatura is made little thick then why I told you to roll thin. It’s because when you pick the rolled bread for frying it will shrink.
  3. First, check whether oil is hot to fry or not by putting a small thin piece (mini bhatura) made by your hand. After the piece is left in oil it should immediately come on the surface of the oil. Then fry the bhaturas.
  4. After frying if you keep the bhatura tilted to recollect the excess oil have 2 benefits –
  • You will not get oil in your hands while eating.
  • You are not wasting oil and will not require extra oil to add especially to fry last batches of balls.

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